Gold Ring Featuring Real Human Skin, Hair On Sale For $470K


Icelandic designer Sruli Recht recently gave new meaning to the concept of putting yourself into your art by adding a piece of his own skin to his latest jewelry design. Made of 24-karat gold, the $500,000 Forget Me Knot ring features an overlay of Recht’s own flesh removed from his abdomen during a recent surgery. When doctors cut the flap of skin from his body, a 4.3-inch strip was preserved, and later salted and tanned to it could be attached to the ring. The jewelry will be featured in the Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection which debuted during men’s fashion week in Paris Jan. 19.

Whoever buys the ring will receive a DNA certificate and a DVD that documents the process by which it was created.

The Forget Me Knot is not the first controversial design Recht has created. In April 2011 he used blackbird pelts and stillborn lambs in his first menswear collections.