Google Street View Captures Breakup Aftermath (Photo)

Image via imgur

Messy breakups suck. And there’s not much worse than quickly packing all of your worldly possessions and trying to stuff them in your car at once because you can’t get of there fast enough—or someone can’t get rid of you fast enough—all for the world to see.

OK, maybe there is something worse—having the whole episode caught by a Google Street View cam. But that’s exactly what happened to one woman. Her photo recently showed up on Reddit, posted by user Ipmark04, who bragged the love-scorned woman was actually his friend’s now-former girlfriend.

This picture was taken a couple years ago since they have been broken up for a while now,” Ipmark04 wrote, adding that the breakup took place in southern California. “My buddy no longer lives in the same town as me but I became aware of this recently by his brother who is currently my coworker. I find this even more hilarious because I actually knew this girl… she was known to be a huge bitch within their circle of friends.