Google Wants To Dominate The World, One Device At A Time

Image via Screenshot/T3

It’s likely that the phenomenal success of the Ouya is the reason why Google is now making their own gaming console. And since Apple is developing a smartwatch, Google has to have one too. The Wall Street Journal reports that not only is a Google smartwatch and a Google video game console on the way, but Google is also upgrading the Nexus Q, a media streaming device with a built in speaker.

The journal reports that Google intends to design and market these devices themselves and have one of them released by the fall. It is unclear which one, but it is likely to be the Nexus Q since that would be the easiest device to make in such short time.

As the WSJ puts it, “people briefed on the matter” are saying that Google is developing a video game console as a proactive move against Apple. Google believes that Apple will implement a video game console with their Apple TV product release. Apple has not confirmed this.

The next Android update is due this fall. This is likely not the last time we hear about Google announcing new hardware. The possibilities are endless as there are many devices still not connected into the internet.

Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing a Google smart shoe in 2014.