Guy On Motorcycle Risks It All To Save A Coffee Mug (Video)

Guy on motorcycle risks it all to save a coffee mug

I really wish this guy could have been there to save me all three times I left my cell phone on the roof of my car and drove away. However, he did save the day for some lucky lady who was driving around town with a stowaway coffee mug on the back of her SUV. Cruising around, in what seems to be Utah, the motorcycle man spots a cup on the back bumper and decides it’s go time. He could have played the villain and sped off to his cupboards, boosting his cup collection up one. But no. This lone rider decides to go the hero route instead. Haunted by nightmares of cracked ceramic, our guy risks life and limb getting the lady her cup—And how does she respond? She blames it on her daughter.