Head To This Site If You Want To Launch A Writing Career

Head To This Site If You Want To Launch A Writing Career

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Writing is a competitive career choice because everyone wants to do it. Breaking into the field isn’t easy, so you have to make sure you outshine the rest. One of the best ways to do that is to build a stellar portfolio while gaining online exposure. There’s a website called VOICED that lets you do exactly that.

If you’re hoping to be a professional writer, you’ve chosen a path far more difficult than many of your peers who work in fields where there’s a demand for employees. There are generally more people wanting to write for a living than there are jobs. But the good ones always succeed, because they’re willing to work hard for it. Here’s why VOICED is a great place for aspiring writers.

Write about anything you want.

VOICED is a fabulous way to carve out the exact kind of writing career you’re seeking, because it allows you to write about anything you want. You choose the topic, write about it, and publish it. With every article you write, you gain more experience and your chance of landing your dream writing job increases.

It’s a great way to test the waters about the subjects you truly enjoy writing about, whether that be politics, relationships, or anything else. No one tells you what to write on VOICED, so you can make every single article exactly what you want it to be.

Gain followers & exposure.

When you join VOICED, you become part of an online community. Your articles can immediately be seen by other members, as well as by anyone who visits the site. You can follow other people and they can follow you. This means that when you publish something new, your followers will see it. They can share it with their friends and family, growing your network of readers.
No barriers.

The great thing about VOICED is that everyone is welcome. There aren’t any barriers to entry, and you don’t have to submit a resume to join. The site exists to give every voice a platform – including yours. Everyone has something to say, and VOICED makes it possible to do so.

Be in the spotlight.

If you have one of the top two articles shared on the week it’s submitted, VOICED will spotlight you in its weekly newsletter, giving you even more exposure. You never know when the right person might see your profile, read your articles, and offer you an amazing opportunity. You’ll also receive $25, which means a VOICED article could turn out to be your very first paid writing gig – a major milestone for anyone who dreams of writing for a living.

No blog needed.

While blogging has traditionally been a way for aspiring writers to publish their work, personal blogs usually struggle to get traffic. This means that talented writers are often overlooked, which doesn’t do much for someone hoping to launch a career. This isn’t a problem on VOICED, because writers gain immediate exposure on the site. If you do want to maintain a personal blog while also writing for VOICED, that’s not a problem – you can link to it in your VOICED profile, which will lead to more visitors.

Build a portfolio.

For writers, the “P” word is everything. It’s the only way that you can show potential employers what you’re capable of writing. But when you’re starting out in the field, it can be hard to have a lot of things to show. That’s why VOICED is awesome. You can write as many or as few articles as you like, building your portfolio along the way. You even have an option to send your finished piece to an editor for extra polishing.

If you’re ready to get serious about writing for a living, head over to the site today and start bashing out quality content that can lead to your first paid gig.

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