Here’s How To Get Up To $5,000,000 In Funding For Your Business

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No investors that take royalties and equity in your company. No perfect business or personal credit needed. Just fast funding when your business needs it.

So, what’s the catch?

Get this — there isn’t one. Fundera makes it simple for businesses of all shapes and sizes to get the funding they need.

The company offers a wide range of products, from small business loans to startup business loans, and lines of credit, to name just a few.

Have you already been turned away by investors, or denied by banks? You’re in good company.

When Options Were Few, This Startup Got Fast Funding with Fundera

When Shayna Ferullo and Manuel Ainzuain decided to turn their passion for coffee into Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters in 2015, they had enough capital to get their fledgling business up and running in the Cape Cod community.

But as many entrepreneurs often do, they underestimated just how much capital would be needed to keep up with demand and grow their business.

Funding opportunities were actually dead ends. Shayna and Manuel applied at a local development organization, as well as a bank, and were either denied or never got a response.

That’s when they found Fundera.

They connected with one of the company’s account managers, who helped the couple get quick funding to sustain the business’s first seasons of highs and lows.

Thanks to Fundera, the small-batch coffee roaster doesn’t have to worry about merely surviving.

They are looking to future, where huge milestones, like bottling their cold brew and expanding into Boston, are very much on the radar.

How Do I Get Funding Through Fundera?

If your business is at a point where it needs an extra boost or has hit a rough patch, Fundera may offer the help you need to get funding!

And the process of getting funds is simple. Fill out one short application form, providing some basic information about your business. From there, you’ll receive all of the lending options potentially available to your business.

Fundera will then connect you with a lending specialist. That person will help you break down your options, walk you through all of the number-crunching, and become a personal resource for you!

Ready to pull the trigger on a loan? Once you receive an approval, you’ll receive your funds as soon as one business day!

What’s more? Fundera is not only free to use, but completing an application and comparing lending options will have no impact on your credit score whatsoever!

More than 35,000 small businesses have secured over $1 billion in total funding through Fundera.

Check out your lending options through Fundera today and get your business the funding it needs to thrive!