Hilarious Polish Pranksters Hit The Street To Peddle Free Blue Meth… Dressed Up As ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Walter White And Jesse Pinkman (Video)

OMG, could the dynamic meth-making duo be back?! Walt’s not dead and Jesse is happy again?

Well, not quite. But we can dream — and pretend.

In a hilarious video by Polish prankster SA Wardega, Walt and Jesse are resurrected and reunited once again to continue their meth business. But this time, they’re feeling generous and handing out some of it absolutely for free. (Doesn’t sound much like them, does it?)

Equipped with yellow suits, toxic chemical barrels and plastic tubs, the duo strolls the streets asking anyone from passerby to security guards if they want some free meth? Needless to say, people’s reactions are pretty hilarious — and you won’t believe when one elderly woman grabs a handful and goes on her way without a second glance.

It’s all fun and games until, once again, Walt manages to meet his sticky end with law enforcement.