Hilarious Video Of Teen On Anesthesia After Wisdom Teeth Are Pulled

Coming out from anesthesia can be… well… a trip. And this video captures just how hilarious people can act when they are re-emerging into reality. Poor Abbie Kritz. Not only was she distraught about the loss of her beloved wisdom teeth, but some loving friend or family member documented her experience for the entire world to see.

During the drive home from having her wisdom teeth removed, a still heavily-drugged Abbie repeatedly apologizes to her “murdered” teeth, telling them how sorry she is for having ended their lives.

I did it against my own will,” Abbie laments. “I would have kept you… I loved you from the first moment on.

As Abbie is obviously distressed, her mother tries to console her, explaining that a tooth is not a life and that the wisdom teeth were bad for her other teeth. But Abbie simply grows more upset, crying out, “I can’t grow these back!

They were just trying to help me chew and I didn’t accept them,” Abbie says. “I could have accepted them!

When the family arrives home, drugged-up Abbie is still mourning the loss of her teeth, and even tries to put them back in her mouth.

They just wanted to be a part of my body, and I said, ‘No, get out,’” she says in the video. “I didn’t mean it… You can come back if you want to.

Abbie even Tweeted about her teeth while she was still coming down from the anesthesia:

And later: