Home Videos Of The ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Show Insanely Epic Parties (Video)

Home Videos Of The Wolf Of Wall Street Show Insanely Epic Parties Video

Jordan Belfort’s name is on everyone’s minds thanks to the upcoming movie based on his life and book, The Wolf Of Wall Street. Now in a new video released by CNNMoney, he speaks candidly about that time in his life, describing it as the “adult Disneyland of dysfunctional people.” The video shows how he really partied: lots of smiling, sunshine and bikini-clad women.

It also shows an unexpected side of Belfort: He treated people well. In one clip, he says the lucrative firm is a result of everyone’s work. Addressing his employees, he says, “You guys are part of it. You built it, and without you it doesn’t run.” Looking back, he also says he gave money liberally. “I was really generous with money… It didn’t have any meaning to me. It was like Monopoly money.”