Here’s How Homeowners Can Get Up To $500k Cash From Their Home, Without Having To Move (And No Monthly Payments or Interest)

Chris Ross Harris on Unsplash

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Whether you think we’re in a housing boom or bubble, home prices in your area are likely higher than they were a couple years ago. Homeowners across the country are thinking about whether or not it’s time to sell and try to make a profit.

But there’s been a problem for homeowners across the country. If you sell your home, where do you move to next? Homes are expensive right now in most areas, and you might not want to sell your home where you’ve made memories with your family and friends.

Some homeowners might take out a home equity loan or do a cash out refinance to get cash, but both of those options come with added debt and monthly interest payments.

Unlock might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Unlock invests in your home, giving you cash today, in exchange for a share in your home’s future change in value, allowing you to access your home’s equity and take advantage of the housing boom without needing to move. If you qualify, Unison will give you up to 43.5% of your home’s value in cash, or a maximum of $500,000. Unlike a loan, there’s no interest, no monthly payments, and no debt.

Unlock has a Trustpilot score of Excellent with 219 reviews.

Get your no obligation cash offer estimate in 3 steps taking less than 60 seconds:

  1. Enter your address (you’ll get a quick glimpse of how much equity Unlock thinks is in your home.)
  2. Enter some basic property information.
  3. Instantly get your no obligation cash offer estimate and book a no-pressure call with an Unlock Home Equity Consultant.

Once you sign the paperwork, you can have your money in as little as 14 days.

So what’s the catch? There’s no catch, really. In exchange for its co-investment, Unlock will share in the profit or loss when you finally decide to sell your home and move out (up to 10 years later). If you decide you want to stay longer than 10 years, you can settle the agreement at the end of the term without moving out through a refinance, buyout with savings, or sale of your home.

You can use the money however you’d like: make home improvements, fund a child’s education or your retirement, eliminate debt … it’s up to you.

Get an estimate of how much cash you can get now. See if you qualify for a Unlock co-investment in a 60 seconds. To get started, just enter your home address and then some basic information to get your no obligation cash offer estimate.