Hooters Offers Moms Free Meal On Mother’s Day

Image via Flickr/ danielhedrick

Hooters is still under the delusion that people go to its restaurants for the wings. The chain known for its scantily-clad waitresses is offering free food on Mother’s Day. Any mother that dines at Hooters May 12 with at least one of her offspring will receive a free entrée valued at $10 or less—provided she orders a drink. It’s even expecting to give away 20,000 free entrees on Mother’s Day. Seriously? What kind of cad is gonna treat his mom to Hooter’s on her special day? “Love you Ma, I know you were expecting a fancy brunch, but let’s go see some tits instead.” Sure, that’s gonna go over real well.

Hooters has been trying extra hard to refine its image by improving the quality of its food and has even introduced a line of salads catering to the ladies. Granted only 25 percent of its customers were female two years ago, and that number climbed to about one-third by last year. But while you’ll see women among the single set going out to Hooters, it’s still not someplace you associate with Mom. And taking her there just seems kind of skeezy. After all, you’d never in a million years consider looking at Playboy or hitting up a strip club with the woman who gave you life… Granted Hooters’ waitresses are a far cry from stripper girls, but still too sexy to wait on Mom—especially on her special day.

A restaurant industry consultant who spoke with USA Today understood the inappropriateness of it all:

It’s like offering Weight Watchers customers a free meal with dessert at The Cheesecake Factory,” says consultant Linda Lipsky. “There are enough calories in most of their desserts for 50% or more of your daily allowance. Giving it’s doesn’t make it any better.

I don’t know Hooter’s… those better be some damn good salads.

Image via Hooters

Image via Hooters