How Republic Wireless Can Help You Take Control Of Your Mobile Bill

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The thought of signing up for a new phone plan isn’t a pleasant one: the feeling of signing a new multi-year contract, trying to understand differences between complicated plan options, not to mention realizing the high monthly price tag you’ll inevitably end up paying. But mobile plans don’t have to be so complex and expensive, and many Americans don’t realize how much less they could be paying each month.

In the US, our monthly cell phone bills are a major expense – especially if you’re not part of a family plan or want a decent amount of data. Major mobile carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile just don’t offer affordable prices or plans that are flexible enough for most of us. Thankfully, Republic Wireless has come up with an efficient and popular alternative for mobile users who are sick of overpaying.

Republic Wireless is completely different than the overly-complicated pricing schemes offered by the traditional wireless providers. Republic Wireless plans are easy to understand with a flat-rate pricing system, no contract, and you get the benefits of top-quality 4G LTE coverage across the country – a no-nonsense product built for the modern mobile market.

Republic Wireless: How it Works

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Republic Wireless

The way that Republic Wireless phones save you money is simple: your device will prioritize Wi-Fi use, and only kick in the 4G LTE usage when Wi-Fi isn’t available. When not connected to a Wi-Fi Network, Republic Wireless phones are covered with the power of two of the country’s largest 4GE LTE providers: Sprint and T-Mobile. These two networks cover 98% of US mobile users.

Sure, larger corporate mobile carriers allow you to make Wi-Fi calls, but they don’t lower your monthly bill when you do so. The reliance on Wi-Fi hotspots for calls, texts, and data whenever possible makes Republic Wireless plans so affordable, and it also means that your phone will work anywhere in the world – as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi.

It’s called “Adaptive Coverage,” and it’s Republic Wireless’ innovative technology that allows their mobile devices to seamlessly switch back and forth between the best possible connection. Adaptive Coverage automatically senses a phone’s connectivity during a Wi-Fi call, and instantly “patches” any connectivity issues by kicking in your mobile network coverage – without you ever noticing the transition!

So, how much do these straightforward Republic Wireless plans cost?

Republic Wireless Plans and Prices

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Republic Wireless

The simplicity and transparency of Republic Wireless phone plans are what makes this company so great – and they do it with no contracts. Here’s how it works:

Republic Wireless customers build their own plans based on how much they want or need. Here’s how their only plan option works:

  • $15 for unlimited talk and text – the base plan
  • Then, just $5 for every GB of mobile data after that

Keep in mind that your mobile data isn’t used when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

There are also no hidden fees! Want a simple unlimited plan with 4 GB of monthly mobile data to use? That’ll be $35 per month.

On top of its simple pricing structure, you also get the ability to:

  • Add, subtract, or completely remove data whenever you want, which can be done directly on Republic Wireless phones (no need to call customer support!)
  • Cancel at any time
  • Use Republic Wireless phones as a mobile hotspot using your data at no additional charge.

There is no family plan option, however, but rates this low make that a non-issue.

International calling is not offered by Republic Wireless, but you can make unlimited calls to the US or Canada from anywhere in the world – as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi while you’re making the call.

Users can also keep their old phone number. All you need to do is check Republic Wireless’ easy online tool that lets you know if your current number is transferrable.

Republic Wireless Phones – Is Yours Compatible?

The ease and simplicity of Republic Wireless is not available to everyone, unfortunately, as there are only a number of Android-based devices that are eligible for Republic Wireless plans. I’m sorry to say that this list does not include any Apple devices (maybe someday, iPhone users).

Republic Wireless users can buy one of the approved phones directly from the company’s website, or they can bring their own compatible phone.

The good thing is that it’s easy to find out if your phone is compatible with Republic Wireless.

Or, if you already have a phone and you’d like to check its compatibility, you can simply download the Republic Wireless app in the Google Play store and run a test directly through the application.

Getting Started

Interested in signing up for a low-cost Republic Wireless plan? The process is incredibly straightforward and simple, and they give you a whopping 14 days to fall in love with their coverage – or they’ll give you your money back.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Use Republic Wireless’ Coverage Checker to see if your area is covered with their 4G LTE service (98% of the country is, so this will likely be a quick yes).
  2. Quickly make sure your phone (or the phone you want to buy) is supported by Republic Wireless. You can do that by conferring with this list.
  3. Then, you have one of two options to sign up:
  1. Pick your plan and amount of monthly data directly on your Republic Wireless phone

That’s it – seriously! This entire process is done directly on your device. There’s no human interaction needed.

Stress-Free Money-Back Guarantees

After you get to start using your Republic wireless phone, you have a rather generous period of time during which you can cancel your plan and get your money back. Republic Wireless promises two types of guarantees:

Phone Guarantee: A full refund for the value of your Republic Wireless phone, available for up to 14 days from the date your phone was delivered. This guarantee is not applicable if you did not buy your phone directly from the company.

Service Guarantee: A full refund of what you’ve already paid for service (your Republic Wireless plan payment), available for up to 14 days from the date your service was initiated.

With a money-back guarantee on both phones and service from Republic Wireless, new customers can rest assured that they are trying out a new mobile provider with absolutely no risk involved.

A Phone Plan for the Modern Mobile User

Republic Wireless plans are simple and affordable alternatives to pricey corporate mobile plans, and are perfect for anyone who hates signing contracts and paying hidden fees. With Republic Wireless, you pick exactly how much data you can use each month – and you can change or cancel at any time. The days of overpaying for unfairly price phone plans from massive corporations are fading away, as more and more consumers realize that innovative companies like Republic Wireless have figured out an infinitely better alternative.