How This Woman Raised Her Credit Score By 200 Points With Credit Sesame


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Like it or not, your credit score is extremely important. It can make or break your dream of buying a home, or determine whether you get approved or rejected for an auto loan. If you have a low score, you may feel as though there’s no chance of improving it. Luckily, that’s not the case.

How Brandi raised her credit score:

Brandi Regan’s story is one that’s familiar to millions of Americans. The former retail worker was swimming in debt and decided to go back to school to invest in her future. But that only added more debt to her total – an additional $30,000 to be exact.

Once Brandi graduated and landed a job, she decided it was finally time to take control of her finances. She acted on the suggestion of a friend and signed up for a free Credit Sesame membership.

It wasn’t long before Brandi realized that her credit score was 424, which placed her in a bracket of the lowest 2% of Americans. But Brandi didn’t let that discourage her. Instead, she began working even harder towards her financial goals.

She downloaded Credit Sesame’s app and utilized all of the tools and resources at her disposal. “I’m constantly looking for new ways to build my credit, and Credit Sesame’s tips really [help] me with that,” she said. Brandi added that Credit Sesame’s alerts help her monitor any changes to her score.

By combining Credit Sesame’s offerings with other smart money tactics – including negotiating with credit lenders, coming up with a debt repayment plan, and rebuilding her credit with secured credit cards – Brandi was able to raise her score by over 200 points, to 641.

How Princess raised her credit score:

But Brandi is just one of Credit Sesame’s many success stories. A woman by the name of Princess has a similar tale.

Princess was also swimming in debt when she signed up for Credit Sesame. That debt was affecting her so much that it prevented her from applying for certain jobs, because she was afraid employers would check her 585 score and reject her because of it.

But through Credit Sesame, Princess was able to make positive changes to her credit. This was partly done because the website provided her with a list of collection agencies where her debts had been sent. This allowed Princess to contact each agency and agree to a payoff plan. Once each debt was paid off, Princess was able to check her Credit Sesame report card to make sure the debt had been erased.

Princess followed Credit Sesame’s tips to lower her credit utilization ratio by opening up secure credit lines. That, along with all of the other tools the website offered, allowed Princess to raise her score by 70 points, to 655, in just six months.

“Signing up for Credit Sesame has taught me so much and helped me get back on track,” Princess said. “It’s wonderful how much Credit Sesame really changed my perspective on credit. I now know not to let credit control me, but how to control my credit instead.”

Can Credit Sesame raise your credit score?

If you have a similar story, you could benefit from Credit Sesame’s offerings. Although raising your score doesn’t happen overnight, the website has great tools which can help expedite the process and maximize your chance of success.

The first step is to head to Credit Sesame’s website and become a free member. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to see your score, which is based on the VantageScore 3.0 model provided by TransUnion. The credit score is entirely free – no trials or commitments required.

Bad habits busted.

Once you’re aware of your score, Credit Sesame will reveal the habits that are negatively affecting it, such as a poor payment history or high credit utilization ratio. It lets you know exactly how your score is calculated, and breaks down the importance of each credit scoring category.

You’ll receive tips on how to break bad habits and improve your score. There’s no guesswork involved – just a solid road map which can take you where you want to be. You’ll also receive a free credit report card to track your progress.

Find out what really affects your score.

With Credit Sesame, you won’t be left in the dark about what affects your credit score. The service breaks it all down for you.
For example, payment history and credit utilization are tied in first place for the factors that most affect your score. Credit age comes next, followed by account mix and credit inquiries.

You’ll also see any negative marks that have been placed on your credit file. It can be a difficult thing to see, but just remember that you can’t fix your credit until you know why it’s low in the first place.

Personalized recommendations

With Credit Sesame, you’ll have access to an overall debt analysis which shows what you owe in credit card and loan debt. You’ll also receive personalized recommendations based on that data. For instance, if you’re paying a high-interest rate on an auto loan, Credit Sesame might recommend that you refinance that loan. It will even provide you with your odds of being approved.

Credit Sesame also suggests credit cards that can save you money, as well as cards that can help build credit. Think of it as a credit expert that’s working for you entirely free of charge. How can you argue with that?

No matter whether your score is poor, above average, or somewhere in between, there are likely some things you could be doing to make it better. Don’t guess what those things are – let Credit Sesame do the work for you.

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