Illinois State Police Officer Is Caught On Tape Lying And Making Excuses For Speeding (Video)

One Illinois State Police officer was busted big time when he was caught speeding — while on duty — and was exposed on tape lying about it.

Brian Miner posted a video on his YouTube account of an encounter with a state police officer, who he honked at for speeding and using his cell phone in dangerous conditions. When Miner confronts the state police officer in uniform for illegal driving, the cop denies the accusations and instead uses an excuse that is likely to anger a lot of people who already dislike cops who think they’re above the law.

Police officers can actually use technology when they’re driving,” the police officer answers.

Miner, reasonably irked at the cop’s lame excuse for using his cell phone and speeding, doesn’t let up, barraging the officer with questions and holding him accountable for his illegal actions until he finally confesses his wrongdoings.

I understand you using the horn, you know… you saw me speeding.” the state officer finally admits. “I honestly wasn’t paying attention to my speed… either way, you’re just trying to help me out, help me drive safely. I understand that.”

But having to get the last word, the cop adds: “I can’t say I was speeding because I was on my way to the headquarters… I don’t remember having my phone on me.”

And to prove what a nice and lawful guy he was, he even let Miner go without writing him a ticket for unlawful use of the horn.