Images Of Purported iPhone 6 Already Viral

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The latest iPhones are about to mark their half birthdays. That means it’s time for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) enthusiasts and investors to start counting the days until the release of the next essential gadget from the tech giant. If photos leaked on numerous websites are to be believed, iPhone 6 — the ninth in Apple’s lineup so far — will be round at the edges and feature the biggest screens Apple’s put on a phone to date. In fact, there may be more than one headed to the market.

MacRumors took a crack at the images appearing on Chinese site Weibo that reportedly came from an employee at Foxconn, which produces the iPhone for Apple in China. The most notable differences between current models and the phone portrayed on the site are the large screen believed to measure 4.7 inches in the smaller version and (at least) 5.5 inches in the second model, as well as the protruding camera lens.


The camera lens in question led Apple Insider to consider the report dubious since it would suggest Apple is departing from the True Tone system already in place. What the web publication did consider valid were reports the next-gen iPhone would involve a large-screen phone that bordered on a mini-tablet.

Finally, BGR weighed in with photos of the phone’s front orignally posted on French website These images suggest Apple would depart with some of the wasted space between screen and phone edge. Though every other model has included a buffer of this kind, the leaked images promise more screen and rounded edges to boot.

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Of course, it’s all “speculating on a hypothesis” at this point.