Indiegogo Project Hopes To Eliminate Dependency On Fossil Fuels By Replacing Paved Roads With Solar Panels

Image via Indiegogo/Solar Roadways

What if we could apply the concept of solar panels to the roads and maximize the amount of solar energy we capture to eliminate the use of fossil fuels? That’s exactly what Idaho’s Scott and Julie Brusaw aim to do with Solar Roadways.

An idea hatched more than a decade ago is now steps away from going into production with an IndieGogo project that has already met its goal of raising $1 million with a week to go on the campaign.

The Brusaws hope Solar Roadways will make the world a greener place, one road at a time. The roadways are made of solar panels built of strong, tempered glass that has been tested for traction, load testing and impact resistance. The roadways capture solar energy through solar cells built into the panels. The panels also include built-in heat and LED lights to keep the roads clear of ice and snow.

The Brusaws have already received two rounds of funding from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration for research and funding and report that they are finishing up Phase 2 of their contract, which is to build a prototype parking lot—proudly demonstrated in a video posted on their Indiegogo campaign page.