IntelliPaper Creates Paper USB Drive

IntelliPaper Creates Paper USB Drive

Personalized greetings will take on a whole new meaning with intelliPaper. The startup—currently running a campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo—has patented technology that allows the company to embed a silicon chip—similar to those in a USB device—into a piece of paper. The startup envisions the product being used for digital greeting cards, trade show handouts, business cards and advertisements in mailers, magazine inserts.

IntelliPaper greeting cards look like a standard greeting card, but can be loaded with personalized digital media files. Customers can customize the USB portion of each card with their own original designs, then add pictures and other multimedia content. IntelliPaper staff will then streamline that input, ensuring a professional-looking card that recipients will love. The company also has plans for a wireless-enabled greeting card.

The disposable USB drive will be the sticky note of the future. Users can write on it, staple it to another document and even hole-punch it. The 3×3 document is perfect for passing along in the workplace.
IntelliPaper also plans to offer blank USB paper which can be turned into just about any paper document customers can imagine, including business cards, wedding invitations, recipe cards and more. The 3×5 blank cards also include custom labels that can be used with any inkjet or laser printer.

The IntelliPaper campaign set a fundraiser goal of $300,000 by Dec. 23. With only five days left in the campaign, however, it has received pledges of just $6,365. Pledges can be made for as little as $9, and the backer will receive an intelliPaper thank-you postcard in the mail. At the $20-pledge level, an intelliPaper greeting card complete with the software needed to customize it, will be awarded. For a $30 pledge,

IntelliPaper will issue pledgers a box of 10 DataNote disposable thumb card drives, and for $40 a box of 10 blank intelliPaper 3×5 cards.

Want more? For a $50 pledge backers will receive a box of 9 intelliPaper greeting cards, and for $50 an intelliPaper reader/writer kit to program the backer’s on intelliPaper. A $75 pledge will garner a box of nine wireless-enabled intelliPaper greeting cards.

IntelliPaper is also offering a Valentine’s Day Special for those who pledge $129. The company will rush a set of two Valentine’s Day cards in time for the holiday, plus the pledger’s choice of another greeting card set or a reader/writer and software.

IntelliPaper is offering special packages for those who pledge $350 and $500, as well.

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