Interest Rates Are Rising And This Bank Is Paying 12x The National Average To Savers

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Banks are notoriously stingy, often paying customers mere pennies on their monthly account balances.

At a time when interest rates are up, doesn’t it seem unfair that you probably aren’t earning very much on the money in your savings account?

That all changes with CIT Bank (a division of First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company). This FDIC insured online bank account offers a savings account that pays high interest. With their Savings Connect, specifically, you could earn a 4.05% APY on your monthly balance. That’s 12 times the national average!

It takes less than 5 minutes to open your account now online.

Here’s How to Earn a 4.05% APY on Your Savings Account Balance

If you’re tired of low interest rates, hidden fees, and long lines at your local bank branch, CIT Bank will be a breath of fresh air.

And get this — to be eligible for a Savings Connect account and a high interest rate, the only requirement is that you make a minimum opening deposit of $100.

You can open a Savings Connect account in three quick steps.

  • First, enter your information — including your name, address, phone number, email, and social security number (or taxpayer ID).
  • Then, fund your account with your minimum opening deposit of at least $100. You can do this via electronic transfer, wire, or check.
  • Finally, CIT Bank will send you a confirmation email and you’ll be able to start using your new account!

Beyond the account’s attractive interest rate, CIT Bank offers a host of other perks. Because they are an online-only bank, they don’t have the overhead that often comes with brick-and-mortar locations. This allows them to pass maximum savings down to you. There are no account opening fees and no monthly service fees.

What’s more, CIT Bank’s powerful mobile app allows you to make remote check deposits with ease and bank transfers from the palm of your hand. Finally, your money is FDIC insured with CIT Bank, so you can have peace of mind that your funds are secure.

Earn More Interest on Your Savings By Opening a CIT Bank Savings Connect Account Today

Ready to start earning up to 12 times the national interest rate on your savings account balance? All you have to do is open a Savings Connect account with CIT Bank today and fund it with a $100 minimum opening deposit.

Once your account is funded, you can start enjoying all of the benefits of your Savings Connect account — including the account’s high interest rate!