Iowa Couple Allegedly Found Pot In Their McDonald’s Burgers

Image via Flickr/ Kevin Walter

One Ottumwa, Iowa couple was not happy with their meal at McDonald’s last month when they reported to police that there was marijuana wedged into their burgers, The Des Moines Register reports.

Cory Long, 31, and his pregnant fianceé, Brittany Songer, 23, ordered double cheeseburgers from an Ottumwa McDonald’s drive-thru on the evening of April 26, police said. And after taking a bite into their seemingly pot-less burgers, the couple realized all was not right with their fast food, telling police that they noticed a smell of marijuana on the patties.

I opened the burger and the cheese was just covered with weed,” Songer told the Ottumwa Post. “You couldn’t smell McDonald’s anymore. You could only smell the illegal drugs that were on it.”

The couple went back to the McDonald’s and complained to management about their suspicions before reporting them to the Ottumwa Police.  It’s unclear exactly how much of the drug could have been in the burgers, but Ottumwa Police Lt. Jason Bell said it is exactly what it appears to be and that it seems to have been put there on purpose.

So far it is just alleged that it is marijuana, we haven’t gotten any results back from the [Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation] Lab in reference to the substance on the burgers,” Bell said.

Songer is still understandably traumatized by the event, saying she’s just grateful that her toddler didn’t take a bite of her contaminated burger when she offered him a bite, not realizing what was actually in it. She says she can’t imagine how someone could be so careless not knowing to whom the burger was going and how it could harm someone.

I was in complete shock that someone would want to put that on someone’s food and give it to them. They have no idea who it’s going to and then it goes to a pregnant woman,” Songer said. “I was very shocked, and then I got very angry that someone would do that. I just hope that they learn that was very foolish and hurtful. I have a very, very tiny fetus growing inside me right now and I don’t know if that harmed it at all. It’s a very scary thought.”

No arrests have been made in the case, and the McDonald’s has remained open. Police say they expect the test results to return in about two months.