iPhone 5S Manufactured In Record Numbers


Apple’s wildly popular iPhone 5S is hitting shelves in record numbers, just in time for holiday shopping. Apple’s manufacturing partner, Taiwan-based Foxconn, now has production lines running around the clock at full capacity to make as many phones as possible.

We have been churning out about 500,000 iPhone 5Ss everyday, the highest daily output ever,” a Foxconn executive said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

This is all to meet a seemingly endless demand for the phone, which debuted in September. Those who order the new phone can now expect the product to be made and shipped within three to five business days. Just last month, before Apple and Foxconn decided to increase production rates, the wait was two to three weeks.

And assembling each phone is no easy task; the iPhone 5S calls for 600 people working on each production line, 100 more than usual. “For the iPhone 5C or the iPhone 5, we only have 500 workers per production line as the assembly procedure is less complicated,” the Foxconn executive said.

The added labor means a costly finished product, even by Apple standards. The starting price of the 5S is $199, compared to just $99 for the 5C.