iPhone 6 ‘Light Up Apple Logo’ Is The Last Thing We Need

The Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 6 is going to glow in the dark. No, seriously. The “feature” has been rumored for a long time, but new images of the iPhone 6 back cover which appeared on uSwitch Tech, appears to confirm its existence. The smartphone is sure to sell in colossal numbers despite the light up Apple logo, but that doesn’t make it the right new feature to put on a smartphone set to be the biggest seller of all time.

It’s sure that many Android smartphones employ a notification light of some kind, and many phones have done so for quite some time. None of them have sold more than 100 million units and became a cultural icon, however. Apple should avoid the notification logo, and consumers should stay away from it as long as possible.

Turn Off The Light Up Apple logo

People don’t turn off their phones in the cinema. They don’t put them in airplane mode, but a good many of them refrain from texting and taking calls during a film. That’s something to be commended in this day of ever-present illumination, but a light up Apple logo would ruin the illusion of a world without smartphones. Light travels through the opaque fabric of most trousers, and an Apple shaped light is sure to do so by design.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with advertising, but there is something morally bankrupt about ostentatious attention being paid to brands. Those ostentatiously displaying them are even more at fault, and the less said about those designing the iPhone 6 (assuming it comes equipped with a light up Apple logo), the better. A tiny blinking light hidden on the phone’s side would do just as well, and probably better.

The company may include a turn-off-my-notification-Apple-logo-light feature, but don’t count on it. The Cupertino company loves simplicity and uniformity of design.

iPhone 6 Hits Shelves In September

It’s clear from the most recent Apple earnings report that the iPhone 6 is to be released before September 27. The best guesses out there point to a release of about a week before that date. Given that September 27 is a Saturday and Apple likes to release the newest iPhone on a Friday, there’s a good chance light up Apple logos will be seen for the first time on September 26, or possibly September 19.

The iPhone 6 is billed to be a revolution in the Apple smartphone world, but only because the screen is set to be larger. Everything else that is rumored to be included on the iPhone 6, from its sapphire screen to its higher resolution camera, is a slight improvement on what the iPhone 5S has to offer, but the company’s next smartphone is apparently going to have a 4.7 inch screen, a big jump from the 4 inch on the iPhone 5S.

Whether you will be queuing up for an iPhone 6 in September or not, the illuminating logo on the back of the smartphone should be switched off. Apple is going to sell about 150 million of these devices, and the logos are going to be an issue. Phone covers that obfuscate the glow are welcome, as are any jailbreaking that kills the light in the cinema.