JCrush Dating App Is The Tinder For Jews


First Tinder was the “Grinder for straight people.” Now, welcome JCrush, the Tinder for Jews.

Made available in the iTunes App Store earlier this year, the location-based dating app caters to the kosher set alone. And this is quite a wide set. According to the Jewish Chronicle, JCrush has been downloaded 5,000 times by people in America, Israel and Australia since its release date.

Image via iTunes/JCrush

Image via iTunes/JCrush

Like Tinder, you can vote yes or no on your potential mates, only JCrush uses the terms “Crush” and “Oy Vey,” the latter meaning something along the lines of, “Wow, you’re ugly.” JCrush also provides a middle category, “Maybe,” for those Jews who feel like giving their fellow tribe members a romantic chance even if they’re not completely swooning.

Creator and COO of JCrush, 28-year-old Sonya Kreizman emphasized the “Maybe” feature of the app to JSpace News, saying that it gives users the opportunity to “reevaluate at any time.” That’s perhaps important in a world where nice, Jewish boys (and girls) can be so hard to come by. Kreizman also notes how important it is to keep the Jewish parents happy, telling the Jewish Chronicle, “Of course, we also want to keep your bubbe and mum happy by helping users find a nice Jewish boy or girl.”