Jewel Thief In Manhattan Hits Tiffany

Jewel Thief In Manhattan Hits Tiffany

tiffany jewel thief

Sure, maybe we’ve all fantasized about it. Pulling on a black sweater and face mask, maybe some black gloves for good measure. Going to a jewelry counter, swiping some necklaces when the clerk isn’t looking. Making a break for it. Waiting a few days for things to calm down and then selling the goods to a pawn shop and scoring big.

And of course, most importantly, no one’s fantasy involves getting caught.

Last Friday, some clever thief fulfilled his dream heist. A well-dressed robber entered the Fifth Avenue Tiffany’s store, lingered for only a few moments, and fled with an approximated $90,000 worth of diamonds.

Security cameras caught the crook on tape, but other than his suit and tie, you’ll be hard pressed to identify him.

Making it look easy, a debonair man strolls into the world-famous jewelry store around 3 p.m on June 7. He wanders up to an employee and asks to take a closer look at some expensive necklaces. He inspects the necklaces closely, admiring the glittering gems. But as soon as the worker’s back is turned, he deftly swipes the goods and makes a clean getaway through the front door before anyone can realize what has happened.

Police report the thief is still at large, described simply as a black man with a dark colored suit and tie.

The case is almost a week old, so I highly doubt we’ll see any sort of resolution to this theft anytime soon. Even though Tiffany’s jewels are quite distinct, by now, the thief has almost certainly discreetly sold the jewelry on the black market and made a good profit on his handiwork.

This isn’t the only case of jewelry theft in Midtown this year, of course. Several watches and timepieces were stolen by a variety of thieves in the past few months from stores like Tourneau and Bulgari, but shoplifting is one of the largest annual losses of revenue for most stores in the city.

Theft will always be an issue for high-end jewelry stores, and the security at these places is already pretty tight. Only time will tell if these new instances of theft will change any security measures of stores like Tiffany’s and Cartier.

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