John McAfee Demonstrates How To Uninstall Software Bearing His Name (Video)

John McAfee Demonstrates How To Uninstall Software Bearing His Name

If there was any question whether John McAfee has gone fucking batty, his newly-released YouTube video puts those doubts to rest once and for all. In the past year, the founder of McAfee antiviral software has been the suspect in a Belize murder investigation, gone on the run and was eventually apprehended for illegally entering Guatemala. While on the run, McAfee started a blog in which he detailed his experiences. Eventually, the 67-year-old software millionaire faked a heart attack and returned to the United States.

McAfee’s newest endeavor does nothing to alleviate concerns about his mental health. In his recent video, entitled “How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus,” he instructs users to how rid their machines of the software he designed more than 25 years ago before selling his interests to Intel in 1994 and retiring to Belize in 2008. According to the video, McAfee still gets “volumes of mail asking how to uninstall the software,” even though he’s had nothing to do with the company for “more than 15 years.”

After reading some of the hate mail he’s received, describing a software that takes over machines, running updates without seeking permission and slowing operating systems to a near standstill, McAfee asks his lab tech, Barthalomew, to demonstrate how to uninstall the program. All the while, McAfee lights a cigarette with a flaming dollar bill, drinks what is presumably alcohol, enjoys the company of several half-naked women and snorts a white powder—reportedly Bath Salts, but we’re not fooled. Anyone of McAfee’s wealth and stature, after all, is going to snort the good stuff.

Eventually McAfee shows his true feelings to the software that was once his pride and joy, explaining he doesn’t know what “they” did to his “beautiful software.”

“It was like the time I hired that Bangkok prostitute to do my taxes while he fucked my accountant. It was terrible. The same fucking thing is going on now.”

Taking a pistol, McAfee shoots the computer.

Intel, of course, is none too happy with the video, calling it “ludicrous,” a company spokesperson told media:

“While we take any attack of our products seriously, these ludicrous statements have no basis in reality… We continue to focus on what matters – our customers.”