KAPOOYA! Goes Viral

The Kapooya woman, who became a viral sensation over the weekend when a video of her describing a Texas hailstorm hit YouTube, has been remixed. Twitter was aflutter Monday with posts of the original and the mix, created by JoshuasProject.

It all went down March 20 when Brookshire, Texas was struck by a hell of a hailstorm. A KPRC reporter covering the storm proceeded to interview Michelle Brown, and a “Best of 2013” moment was made.

“Soon as I posted on my Facebook it’s a kapooya, kapooya, and boy that hail just came in. I looked out, I opened my door and looked out my door and it hit me in the head,” Clark told the camera. “We had a hail party at two o’clock this morning, everybody was outside. Man, those chunkers was big, size of a quarter, doggone. They were big, they were hitting hard too, man. Look at this, here in Brookshire, Texas. Man, it’s like snowing in March.”
Apparently after Clark was hit in the head with the big jokers, she ran to the restroom and then called her mama, a point that played a key role in the Kapooya Remix.

How long do you think Kapooya will remain the hot meme of the moment before another takes its place, sending it to oblivion with the likes of “Sweet Brown” and “Antoine Dodson?”