Kid Has Tooth Pulled With A Hot Wheels Car… And His Childhood Is Officially Scarred (Video)

Losing your baby teeth was the turning point of childhood, when adulthood seemed like it was just a newly grown tooth away. But, boy was it dramatic. So imagine how you’d feel if your dad told you that you were going to rip that wiggly sucker out once and for all, and you were going to do it like a man.

For a kid named Lance, that meant being apart of his dad’s insane, yet somewhat ingenious (and a little bit hilarious) scheme of tying your loose tooth to the spoiler of a Hot Wheels car and then launching it off the ramp.

On one hand it sounds kind of violent, and on the other, it’s just one way of ripping the bandage off: quick and painless.

That is, if it had worked out that way…