Killswitch App Offers To Eliminate Ex, No Fire Necessary

Killswitch App Offers To Eliminate Ex, No Fire Necessary


Remember the episode of “Friends” where the girls hold a “cleansing ritual” and burn any remnants of their ex-boyfriends in a Valentine’s bonfire?  The Web is full of ways to wash that ex right out of your hair,  but thanks to a new app, you can easily rid yourself of any and all traces on Facebook—and you don’t need “the semen of a righteous man” to do it.

The Killswitch app links with a user’s Facebook profile to eliminate any photos, videos, wall posts and status updates tagged with an ex’s name. It’s a lot faster than trying to manually wipe someone off your social graph, and won’t bring up painful memories, either.

Make breakups suck less by seamlessly removing traces of your ex from your Facebook profile,” Killswitch creator Clearhart says. Avoid “staring at your ex’s stupid face every time you log in.

The app doesn’t only work for exes, either. Say a friend or family member has gone through a messy breakup and you don’t want them to see their ex on your page—let alone their own. Or maybe you’ve been broken up for a while and don’t want your new romantic interest to see how lovey-dovey you once were with someone else. Just use Killswitch and all those photos of the undesirable will be erased.

“KillSwitch is for anyone fresh out of a break-up looking to move on. What if they have a lot of pictures of their ex and they don't want to be reminded of that?” Co-founders Erica Mannherz and Clara de Soto told Business Insider. “KillSwitch is also for anybody that has had a falling out, be it a friendship or coworker, any relationship that you really don't want to have evidence or traces of on Facebook.

Of course we all know that some breakups—nasty as they might be—are only temporary and reconciliations happen all the time. Killswitch is prepared for possibility of a makeup. None of the “killed” items are permanently deleted. Instead, they are placed into a hidden album on the user’s Facebook profile that can be retrieved and restored in the case of a change of heart.

Right now Killswitch is only available for Android devices, although an iOS app is in the works. The app will run you 99 cent, but the Killswitch creator promise a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association, “so broken hearts can help broken hearts.

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