Kimmel’s ‘Baby Bachelor’ Continues To Break Hearts

Baby Bachelor

First came The Bachelor, then The Bachelorette. Now, late night host Jimmy Kimmel’s tiny-tot nephew is starring in his own reality program—or spoof there of—in The Baby Bachelor. For the past four weeks, Wesley has been searching for love among baby bachelorettes, including: Gabrielle, 29 months; Eva, 38 months; Jesse, 35 months; Tesla, Franki, Stella and even Ashley, 316 months and a dental hygienist. Yes, she is 26 year-old cougar who hopes to win the heart of young Wesley.

“I like the big girl,” Wesley said in episode 1.
But just as in any reality show, The Baby Bachelor has its share of drama. The little girls don’t hesitate to be catty with one another and pick plenty of fights. Wesley must make the difficult decision of who to offer a dinosaur and who to wish “bye bye.” In an unexpected twist, however, five girls are absent from one dinosaur ceremony due to nap time.

In the most recent episode, Wesley travels to meet the finalists’ families. In spite of heartwarming hugs with the remaining bachelorettes, Wesley runs into drama with some family members, including Gabrielle’s look-a-like older sister Danielle.

“If you hurt my sister you answer to me,” Danielle said to the camera. “You have a lot of girlfriends. That’s bad… I know your game.”

Undeterred, Wesley replies that he likes to have a lot of girlfriends.

When Wesley arrives at Jessie’s house via pedal car, the bachelorette quickly shows her bachelor her bedroom and they two begin to cook in her kitchen playset. After meeting Jessie’s brothers, Wesley plays a romantic rendition of the ABC song for Jessie.

Next time on the Baby Bachelor, Wesley will make the most important decision of his short life when he chooses which girl to marry. Tune in to Kimmel to see which lucky bachelorette receives Wesley’s ring pop.