‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Amy Still Sounds Crazy In Cartoon Form (Video)

Their appearance on “Kitchen Nightmares” caused Gordon Ramsey to walk away feeling they were beyond help, and now Juxamoto has featured Samy and Amy Bouzaglo in their own cartoon. Amy’s continued rants from the season finale of “Kitchen Nightmares” are paired with her animated self, and the result is hilarious—almost as funny as the idea this psycho is running a restaurant.

In case you missed the episode, Ramsey visited Scottsdale, Ariz. to try and lend his expertise to the struggling Amy’s Baking Company. But when he got there, he found the owners stealing servers’ tips, berating customers, yelling about just about anything and even purposely burning food when it was sent back to the kitchen.

One diner who happened to visit Amy’s Baking Company during the shoot described his experience to the Phoenix News-Times:

She was yelling and screaming ‘get the fuck out’ and saying if we weren’t going to pay for our drinks, she was going to call the cops. She called me a ‘tough guy’ and said, ‘You better correct your acting skills if you’re trying to get on TV.’ The producer said he would pay for our bill and that we should leave.

Since the program aired on May 10, hundreds of people have taken to social media to offer their opinions of the eatery. And the Bouzaglo’s haven’t helped matters any by posting responses such as, “I AM NOT STUPID ALL OF YOU ARE. YOU JUST DO NOT KNOW GOOD FOOD. IT IS NOT UNCOMMON TO RESELL THINGS WALMART DOES NOT MAKE THEIR ELECTRONICS OR TOYS SO LAY OFF!!!!

While that post has since been deleted, and the Bouzaglos claimed their Facebook, YELP, Twitter and Website was hacked, an older post reveals their true colors. Last October, the Amy’s Baking Company Facebook featured this post: “We like to call them the ‘Camel Toe Mafia’ just a bunch of Pussies hiding behind a computer screen. Or working for YELP.