KU Boobs To Live On: Cease And Desist Order Not Intended For Twitter

Image via Twitter/KUBoobs

Yesterday brought sad news for Jayhawk fans and their fascination with cleavage. The uber-popular Twitter account, @KUBoobs, received a cease and desist order from Kansas University attorneys. But things aren’t always as they first appear…

@KUBoobs Twitter account began last year when a buxom Jayhawks fans named Tiffany took a photo of her ample cleavage rising above a KU shirt and posted it to Twitter with the hashtag #kuboobs, hoping to “give a little boost” to her team. The trend spread rapidly among Jayhawk ladies as they watched their team progress to the NCAA’s Final Four. The Twitter profile now boasts almost 63,000 followers, and other universities and professional sports organizations have followed suit with their own boobilcious Twitter accounts.

So what the hell is the university’s problem? Is it run by a bunch of puritanical party-poopers? Not at all. In fact, Kansas University officials could care less about what’s on Twitter. They do, however, take issue with KU Boobs selling merchandise on its Web site featuring the university’s trademarked name and logo. In fact, Kansas associate athletic director Jim Marchiony took to his own Twitter to set the record straight. According to Marchiony, “we’ve asked them to stop selling merchandise (with KU on it), not to shut down the Twitter account.”

Setting up a Twitter account may be one thing—and a matter of free speech—but establishing a business is another entirely. Because of its overwhelming popularity, the folks behind KU Boobs set up a Web site to sell KU Boobs products. Even though the proceeds are earmarked for breast cancer research, the school owns the trademark of KU and has won at least one previous law suit against a company for using it without permission.

The Web site has since been shut down, but KU Boobs will live on through Twitter, much to the relief of its hoardes of fans.


And in a sign of goodwill, KU Boobs even asked fans to contribute to donate to the charity, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, directly: