Lacoste Imagines Polo Of The Future [VIDEO]

Lacoste Imagines Polo Of The Future [VIDEO]

Imagine extending sleeve length by simply tugging on the hem, or changing the color of a frock with the swipe of a hand. In honor of the 80th anniversary of its trademark polo shirt, French designer Lacoste has released a video depicting these and other high-tech designs of the future.

In 1933, Rene Lacoste manufactured the first polo shirt—revolutionary at the time based on its airy cotton fabric and comfortable design. Since that time, the now-famous polo, known for its alligator logo, has undergone little change and is still one of the most prevalent designs worldwide.

In addition to showcasing futuristic clothing possibilities, including glow-in-the-dark fabrics, Lacoste is inviting fans to submit their own ideas for futuristic polos on the Website Lacoste Future. The company will select the most original ideas to feature across its various social media networks.

Samantha Lile