Louis C.K. Goes On Twitter Rant About Standardized Testing and Confusing Math Homework

image via Flickr/ Jamison Foser

All parents remember hating homework once upon a time when they were kids, but comedian and star of “Louie” Louis C.K. took to his Twitter account Monday night to rant about the absurdity of his kids’ third grade math homework today.

“My kids used to love math,” the comedian began his rant.

Frustrated with lengthy word problems and standardized tests, Louis C.K. snapped pictures of his kids’ homework problems and blamed textbook publishers for what he felt teachers were having to work harder to teach.

Check out the rant below, and weigh in on your thoughts.

Just to make sure he hadn’t ranted and ruined everyone’s nights too badly, the funnyman threw in a plug for his show to end things on a lighter note.