Man Plays Soccer With Lions While Wearing A Suit, And It’s Incredible (Video)

In a bizarre yet pretty badass ad campaign gearing up for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, designer Van Gils has teamed up with The Royal Dutch Football Association, or KNVB, to have the so-called “Lion Whisperer,” Kevin Richardson, talk lions and soccer—and show that playing with both looks so much better while dressed in a Van Gils suit.

Van Gils, the official tailor for KNVB, signed a three-year contract to be the official clothing provider for the Dutch soccer team, its technical staff and the delegates, according to the Van Gils blog. And in order to spice up its “No Stitch, No Story” campaign, the fashion brand signed Kevin Richardson, a South African zookeeper well known for his ability to create long-lasting relationships with lions and other wild cats, to be its ambassador.

Kevin Richardson has been working with wild lions for many years. He calls them, hugs them and even puts on his Van Gils suit to play football with them,” The Van Gils site says.

But above all he takes care of them. With Kevin Richardson as a Van Gils ambassador, Van Gils is not just the “proud tailor” of the KNVB but also a “supporter” of wild lions.”

Well… we don’t know about how often Richardson is throwing on a suit to play with lions and all, but he manages to do it in the new video that Van Gils released on its YouTube page earlier this month.

To promote its new KNVB retail collection, Van Gils has pledged 50 Euros from each sale of the KNVB suit wil go towards the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary. Seeing as the national symbol of The Netherlands is the lion, the deal seems very well thought out for everyone to benefit.

“Van Gils believes that the right clothing gives men the confidence to get the most out of life, and Kevin doesn’t just do that for himself, but he also does it for the lions”, says Robert Meijer, CEO of Van Gils.