Man Spots Elephant On Florida Beach, And Its Reason For Being There Is Unbelievable

Image via Facebook/Todd Unbehagen

Not a whole lot shocks us these days, but an African elephant hanging out in the middle of a Florida beach elicits an understandable, “WTF.”

That’s probably what Florida accountant Todd Unbehagen was thinking when he recorded a video of a full grown African elephant in the waters of North Redington Beach, Fla. last Saturday.

A million scenarios run through our heads about why or how this poor animal ended up in a beach on the Gulf of Mexico, but as it turns out—it was there for a party.

We kid you not; Local 10 reported that the elephant was “part of a lavish beach house party,” and authorities had actually issued a permit for this to happen. Unbehagen also says he later learned that the elephant’s trainer was “nearby.”

In the video, you can see the giant mammal standing close to the shore of the beach, legs submersed in the water as the tide washes in and out. Unbehagen pans back and forth between the elephant and the beach, where groups of adults and children look on at the spectacle.

“Unbelievable, isn’t it?” A woman says in background with awe and a laugh.

Yes. Unbelievable might be the right word here.