McDonald’s App Lets Customers Track Food From Farm To Bun

McDonald’s App Lets Customers Track Food From Farm To Bun


Some things are better left unsaid, don’t ya think? A new app in Australia allows McDonald’s diners to see exactly where their meals came from. The app, “TrackMyMacca”—Macca being the Australian name for McDonald’s—was released last week in Australia’s Apple App Store. Customers can use an iPhone to scan their food and find out where it was grown, farmed or fished, as well as what ingredients it contains.

Most people like the taste of McDonald’s, but there’s still some confusion about just how real their food is,” explains the narrator of a McDonald’s commercial for the app on YouTube.

That’s not all, though. The app uses the iPhone’s GPS to determine what restaurant the customer is eating at, as well as the phone’s camera and image recognition software to determine what food the customer is eating. It combines that data with the date to access a database of McDonald’s supply chain, and—viola—a 3D cartoon farm or fishery shows the customer exactly where the meal originated! Users can even tap scenes to more information, such as profiles of the farmers and fisherman who helped make their meals possible.

Such a fascinating concept! The true question remains… will consumers still want to dine at McDonald’s after getting up close and personal with the cow that’s in their all-beef patty?

[Image via McDonaldsAU/Facebook]

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