Meet’s Most Popular Member: Martha Stewart

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Upon Martha Stewart’s incarceration in 2004, People magazine wrote: “Some expected America’s goddess of domestic perfection to fall into terminal despair. Instead, with the drive that would make her a billionaire, Stewart took her lemon of a sentence and made lemonade. Heck, she made a lemon soufflé.”

And now she might make some lucky man a delicious lemon soufflé, as the lifestyle maven has recently created her own profile on popular dating website and says she plans to date.

“I’m always looking, are you kidding, all women are always looking,” she said. “I had a longtime boyfriend. That ended a couple of years ago. And I haven’t found the next Mr. Right.”

Since the creation of her page just six days ago, Stewart has received over 20,000 page views and 1,000 messages, but that’s hardly a surprise. After all, how many times do you get the opportunity to date a woman who has both a criminal record and a net worth of over 600 million dollars?

“It’s very time-consuming,” she said, laughing. “I have gardens to plant and horses to ride and all kinds of stuff to do. It’s a lot to read through.”

Still,’s chief executive called the number of responses Stewart received “definitely atypical” and said that she is unquestionably one of the site’s most popular members.

“I’m told that I’m a specific person,” Stewart says in her profile before listing the qualities she appreciates in men. And to potential long-distance lovers, she adds that because of her frequent travel, “geography is but a detail.”

Gold-diggers need not apply, however; among her requirements for a potential partner is a minimum annual income of $150,000.

Other qualities: he must be at least one inch taller than she stands at 5’9”, must hold a graduate degree and must not smoke. ranks as the most popular online dating website in the U.S. and also has the most paid users of any similar site, as well as, most importantly, holding the highest rate of dates, relationships, and marriages resulting from initial virtual contact.

For someone whose prison nickname was “M. Diddy,” Stewart seems remarkably calm about the entire process. She informed Matt Lauer on the Today Show this morning that she’s narrowed down her more than 1,000 potential suitors to a list of five candidates and plans to email two lucky guys to “have coffee.”

She did not, however, reveal their identities.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live took the bit and ran with it on their latest episode, performing a “commercial” which starred “Martha Stewart” (as played by cast member Kate McKinnon).

“I joined because I want a successful man … for intercourse,” says “Martha” in a husky voice. “I’ve had it before and I’d like it again.”

While the other women in the mock ad are quoting traditional values and romantic notions, “Martha” continues with qualities that only she could desire.

“I want a guy who’s rough, like a rustic burlap wedding invitation,” she says. “Someone with calloused hands and no debt. Because I’m Martha fucking Stewart, and I can do whatever I want.”