Mexican Cartels Invest In Medical Marijuana Industry, Reports U.S. DEA

Image via Flickr/ Brett Levin

This can’t be too big of a surprise: US feds believe that Mexican Cartels have made a multi-million dollar investment in the medical marijuana industry. There has already reportedly been one arrest of a key member for a half a million dollar charge, according to an FDA report.

There is more than one reason, the DEA suspects, that the Cartels are making such a bold business move. For one, the US pot is of better quality than the stuff grown in Mexico; and two: it’s a good attempt to clean up their dirty money by investing in a legitimate, growing business.

“From what we’re hearing, Colorado marijuana is a lot more desirable than the Mexican marijuana,” Tom Gormon, a DEA spokesperson said.

So for the cartels to compete, they have to upgrade their marijuana, get out of the business or try to get involved in the business in Colorado.”

It will be interesting to see in the years to come what becomes of the growing medical marijuana business with such a keen interest from the notorious Cartels.