Mexican Newspaper Prints The News Through Paper Towel Dispensers (Video)

screen shot via YouTube/FCB Mexico

Wish you had more time to read the news during those in-between moments of your day? Well if you live in Mexico City, check your office bathroom’s paper towel dispensers—they might be printing the latest news for you.

One Mexican newspaper, Más por Más, had special, Internet-connected paper towel dispensers installed into corporate offices around Mexico City to print headlines straight from its site. The news was printed with special ink so that people could still use the paper towels and even included a QR code to direct people to the newspaper’s website. FCB México, the ad agency behind the quirky and yet pretty ingenious invention calls it Paper Towel Dispenser News.

After two weeks of printing news on paper towels, the newspaper reported a 37 percent increase in unique visitors to their website, and by the looks of footage that captured people’s reaction to Paper Towel Dispenser News, it definitely got people reading more news—regardless of their initial suspicions.

One woman laughs as she rips off the paper towel, wondering if she’s an involuntary participant in a gag.

“Can I ask what this is for?” She asks someone in the bathroom not seen on camera.

Other people can be seen lounging around the sink well after washing their hands (we hope) to browse the paper—er,towels, looking very much like they’re enjoying the convenience of just having the latest news come printing out on their paper towels.

Maybe this is the way of the future—combining the forces of the morning paper and bathroom reading? It’s definitely an interesting idea, to say the least.