Miami-Dade Police Tackle Teen For Giving ‘Dehumanizing Stares’ (Video)

Somebody call PETA. Over Memorial Day weekend, a Miami-Dade police officer approached 14-year-old Tremaine McMillian as he was walking down the beach, feeding his 6-week-old puppy with a bottle. As the officer warned Tremaine against roughhousing with other teens, the boy—armed with nothing but a puppy—walked away, apparently offending the cop. So what did the po-po do? He jumped off his ATV and grabbed Tremaine in a choke-hold.

What the hell, right? The officer later said Tremaine was giving him “dehumanizing stares.” Seriously, dude? Shouldn’t you be a little tougher than physically assaulting a kid because of the look on his face? Of course the officer tried to defend his actions by saying Tremaine was also clenching his fists in a threatening manner. But we know that’s not true because he was holding a puppy, which was injured in the confrontation.

It’s very sad to see a little innocent puppy hurt,” Tremaine told local media.

Authorities are not backing down, however, and are pursuing charges against Tremaine. Some are calling the actions against Tremaine racist.

We must hold these people ACCOUNTABLE for these, UNLAWFUL, UNCONSCIONABLE, and RACISTS actions,” wrote Ametia, a writer for 3ChicsPolitico. “Yes; I said racists. Don’t even try telling me that if this had been a white 14 year old boy carrying a puppy, that the Po Po would’ve choked him for staring at them.