Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater To Offer ‘Tweet Seats’

Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater To Offer ‘Tweet Seats’

Moviegoers may be annoyed but tolerate fellow patrons who can’t seem to spend two hours without pulling out their phones to text, tweet or post a Facebook status. But to more refined live-theater attendees, it’s generally a taboo not to be tolerated. Still, in efforts to attract a broader audience, venues such as the New York Public Theater, Florida’s Palm Beach Opera and Cincinnati’s Symphony Orchestra have designated areas of seats where audience members may actively engage in electronic communication.

Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater is the latest to offer Tweet Seats for a premium ticket price. A limited number of tickets to four consecutive Thursday performances of “A Servant of Two Masters” will be offered for $15 each to social media fans, allowing them to interact using their smartphones during the show. The seats are located in the balcony of the McGuire Proscenium Stage, a section that promises the glowing lights will not disrupt other theatergoers.

Guthrie external relations director Trish Santini believes the launch of the Tweeting section during “A Servant of Two Masters,” fits perfectly with the improvised comedy elements in the show.

This cast is an incredible ensemble of comedians, and night after night they’re riffing and improvising–it’s the kind of show that makes you ask, ‘Did they just say that?’ Usually they did – and tweeting should be a great way to talk about it,” Santini said.

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