Mississippi Meteorologist Evacuates Newsroom For Tornado Emergency During Live Broadcast (Video)

screen shot via YouTube

If you’ve been anywhere in the southern United States the last few days, you know that the weather has been no joke. Violent weather has ripped through multiple states, and WTVA Chief Meteorologist Matt Laubhan was prepared to lead an emergency evacuation of his newsroom when things got precarious for the city of Tupelo, Mississippi on Monday, April 28.

“There is a damaging tornado on the ground…right now,” Laubhan reports during a live newscast while looking around seemingly thinking of his next move. A few seconds later, he points to off-camera to staff before running off the studio set himself.

Basement. Now. Let’s go.”

The station posted a Tweet shortly after their abrupt evacuation to their designated storm shelter updating viewers of their status and clearly staying on top of their newsy duties.

The monster twister that tore through Tupelo and the Louisville, Mississippi area was given a preliminary rating of at least EF4 by the National Weather Service, according to USA Today. Tornadoes with this rating have damaging winds of at least 166-200 mph. Eleven people have been reported dead from the tornados that ransacked Mississippi Monday alone, raising the national total at least 35 people.

Watch the dramatic and heroic evacuation led by Tupelo Chief Meteorologist Matt Laubhan below: