20 Money Move Freebies Many Don’t Know Exist

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We’re in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make great money moves.

We’ve put together a list of top ways to stuff your pockets. Especially since the holidays are coming up.

Try some of these (they don’t take much time, in fact, some take just 60 seconds) and you’ll see how quickly these might help your pocket.

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The Essentials:

The everyday necessities.

Credible: This is a top way to stack your pockets by simply getting rid of your credit card bill. This online loan marketplace can find you a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt in just 2 minutes. You can use that to pay off your high-interest credit card bill. You’ll be left with less money owed in interest, saving you lots of money. Credible will show you multiple personal loan lender options in 2 minutes, and it won’t affect your credit score.

Gabi: Try reducing your auto insurance bill and using that extra money for more gifts this holiday season. This top auto insurance marketplace saves customers on average $829 a year on car insurance. In just 2 minutes it will show you up to 20 auto insurance offers (for free) competing for your business. It’ll even help you switch effortlessly if you find something cheaper.

Chime: The average person pays over $300 a year in bank fees. This online bank account has no hidden fees. They’ll even spot you up to $100 in overdraft protection with no fee. Get paid up to 2 days early with direct deposit. Grow your savings with a top interest rate. Open your account in 2 minutes now.

Fabric: This one is more for your mind but also will help protect your wallet. Designed for busy parents, get a free quote for up to $5,000,000 in life insurance to help protect your family in case something were to happen to you. The younger you get life insurance, the cheaper it will be. It can cost as little as the price of a few monthly coffees. Get a free personalized quote and an instant decision in just 10 minutes now, for anyone between the ages of 25-60. Fabric is not available in Montana, California, or New York. Policyholders can create a free online will and get access to the Fabric Vault.

EverQuote: If you own a home or pay renters insurance your insurance company may be charging you a higher rate than you need to pay. This well-known comparison site could lower your home or renters insurance and save you hundreds. Try it now, it’ll show you other insurance options in just 2 minutes.

Credit Sesame: Get your credit score up, and your interest rates will come down. Easy enough right? This site will tell you your credit score, any errors, and will let you know what’s wrong with your credit and how to improve it for free. That could save you serious cash when you’re looking for an auto loan, mortgage, or applying for a credit card in the future.

Experian Boost: Unlike credit repair companies, Experian Boost is completely free and can increase your credit scores fast instantly. For the first time ever, get credit for your Netflix®, phone, and utility bills—only with Experian Boost. Your credit score going up is definitely good for your wallet.

Digit: Get a free budget and savings assistant and find out how easy it is to reach your savings goal. Tell Digit what you want to accomplish and let it do the rest.

Metromile: This is an auto insurance company that only charges you for the miles you actually drive. Rates start at $29 a month, and on average their customers save $741 a year. Metro mile is only available to residents of Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

Figure: Many banks have stop offering home equity loans but Figure is still offering them. Borrow up to $250,000 against the equity in your home. Rates start at just 2.99% APR and you can apply online in as little as 5 minutes and have your money in just 5 days.

MyPoints: Get a free $10 Amazon gift card the next time you make a purchase online by signing up to MyPoints for free. This site will reward you for the shopping you do online. You can also earn gift cards for taking surveys, playing games, or watching videos.

Truebill: Many people forget about those subscriptions they signed up for. 80% of people save money by using Truebill to find and cancel unwanted subscriptions! But that’s not all, Truebill can automatically negotiate and lower your cable, phone, gym, and other bills. Create your free account now.

Credible (for homeowners): Mortgage rates are at all-time lows, refinancing could save you thousands. Refinancing your mortgage just means replacing your existing mortgage with a new one that might have a lower interest rate, and/or better terms. Credible will show you offers from top lenders in just 3 minutes. It doesn’t affect your credit to see your rates and find out how much money you could save.

Small Business Owner Money Moves:

To grow into a bigger business.

Constant Contact: Now more than ever, it’s important to have your business online and get more customers this holiday season. With Constant Contact you can build an online website or store today, all yourself without the need of a developer. You can also create amazing looking emails to send your customers, and so much more. Get a free 60-day trial now.

Yelp: Get $300 in free Yelp ads to increase sales this holiday season. Millions of customers are looking to Yelp to find businesses just like yours. Claim your free $300 credit now and start advertising today, it takes just minutes to set up a new ad campaign. Make sure to enter your email and get an ad campaign set up before this special offer goes away.

Fundera: If your business is looking for funding, let Fundera help. With one simple application, it will let you know all the options it can find for your business. It has helped over 85,000 small businesses secure over $2.5 billion in funding.

Making Extra Money Moves:

For some more cash this holiday season.

Branded Surveys: Get paid for your opinion by taking paid surveys with Branded Surveys. Choose a cash or gift card payout. It’s free to join, you might as well make some extra cash sitting at home or on your free time.

Postmates Delivery: Get paid to deliver food, drinks, or retails to customers whenever you’d like. There are no fees or time commitments. Take home 100% of your tips and earnings every time you complete a delivery. Cash out instantly anytime you want, or get weekly deposits. No experience needed.

DoorDash Delivery: Earn money for your money goals by choosing your own hours and the freedom to deliver takeout wherever you want. Just sign up for free and once you’re approved you’ll start receiving nearby orders for delivery.

Instacart Shopper: Earn money shopping for others, as a shopper you go to the grocery store and shop for others. Make your own schedule. You can choose to shop and delivery which requires a car, or to only shop which doesn’t require a car. Download the shopper app and pass a quick background check to get started.

Investment Money Moves:

These involve the stock market and beyond.

Atom Finance: More people are trading the stock market volatility these days. Atom Finance gives you cutting edge investing tools and data, free for everyone. It has a wide variety of stock market information to give you things you need to know.

Masterworks: Investing in art could be a great way to diversify your portfolio. With Masterworks you can invest in a portfolio of iconic works that have been carefully crafted by Masterworks’ team of research professionals. You can wait for Masterworks to sell the artwork at some point during the next 3-10 years, or you have the option to sell your shares to other investors on Masterworks’ secondary market. You need just $5,000 to get started. Request an invite to join today.