7 Powerful Moves For Anyone With Debt


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Debt is a vicious cycle. Not only does it hurt you financially, but could be a big mental drain and stress as well.

It’s best for your wallet and mind to get out of debt as quickly as possible. So let’s stop enriching those companies that charge high interest. These 7 moves could get people out of debt faster than thought possible.

1. Ask This Company To Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

If you have debt, you know the ridiculous interest rates are like robbery.

And the truth is, companies you owe money too don’t really care. They are just getting rich by ripping you off with high interest rates — some with interest rates up to 36%.

If you have more than $10,000 in debt from credit cards, medical bills, collections, or personal loans, National Debt Relief could be a huge help. Their representatives might be able to assist you in consolidating your debt into one low monthly payment.

Since 2009, National Debt Relief has successfully helped more than 550,000 people get out of debt. And you have nothing to lose by letting National Debt Relief tell you how they can help you.

Best of all? There are zero fees until your debt is resolved, you could be debt free in 24-48 months. To get started, just answer a few simple questions. It only takes 30 seconds right here to find out if you qualify.

2. Get Up To $50,000 To Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

Credit card companies make lots of money charging their customers high interest, you do not need to be one of them.

Did you know you could get out of this debt spiral by using a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt? That’s because personal loans typically have a lower interest rate than a credit card.

LendingTree makes it super easy to see multiple options in one place, and apply for a personal loan in minutes online. Personal loans with LendingTree start at 6.99% APY, that could be a huge saving versus what credit card interest rates charge you. You’ll then be able to choose which personal loan is right for you, you can then get your credit card debt paid off as early as one business day.

It’s common that someone takes out a personal loan to pay off their credit card debt, and then begins paying off the lower interest personal loan.

You can also use a personal loan to pay off other types of debt, fund a vacation, or really anything you want.

Check your personal loan rates here now.

3. Get Your Vehicle Covered By The Ultimate In Vehicle Service Protection Before It’s Too Late (It Might Save You $1,000’s in Repair Costs)

Nobody likes it when their check engine light comes on, especially when your car is out of warranty. That can mean expensive repairs.

There’s a company called CarShield that could help you avoid expensive repairs. They have covered over 2 million cars, and have paid over $1 billion in administrator claims. They’ve been serving customers for over a decade and have a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Google.

CarShield offers vehicle protection plans that cover things like your engine, transmission, drive axle, brake system, air conditioner, water pump, alternator, fuel pump, power windows, radiator, suspension, electrical, and much more.

You provide some basic information about your vehicle to CarShield and they will help you find the best plan options for your vehicle and budget. Choose your coverage level, and protection plan. You’ll be surprised at how affordable and flexible these service plans are. They offer a coverage plan that fits every budget.

Get a free quote now.

4. Think About Investing For The future, All You Need Is $100

It’s time to start getting outside of the debt mindset and into accumulating wealth. Investing into real estate could seem like a while away, and the need for a lot of cash, but with Arrived you can invest in rental and vacation homes starting with just $100 by allowing anyone to own shares.

On Arrived there are dozens of properties to choose from, and you dont have to worry about all the headaches of being a landlord. No worrying about replacing a broken fridge or messy tenants.

Whether it be your first exposure to the real estate asset class or you’re a real estate expert, Arrived’s easy-to-use platform offers SEC-qualified investments such as rental homes and vacation rentals that can up your investing game.

Arrived already has over 515,000 registered investors, $124 million in property value owned by investors , and over $3.5 million in dividends paid.

Sign up here and browse rental and vacation home investments.

5. Get Up To $500,000 For Your Home Without Moving (Without Getting A Monthly Bill, This Is Not A Loan)

Interests rates are higher than they’ve been in years. You might want to access a large sum of cash right now, but don’t want to take out a loan. If you’re a homeowner, your home is extremely valuable but it’s hard to access that value unless you sell. But now, there is a way to take advantage of being a homeowner to access up to $500,000.00 and avoid having to borrow money at a high interest rate and without selling your home.

Unison can invest in your home, giving you cash today, in exchange for a percentage share in your home’s future appreciation, allowing you to get cash you need without needing to pay monthly loan bills. If you qualify, Unison will give you up to $500k or 17.5% of your home’s value. Unlike a loan, there’s no interest, no monthly payments, and no debt.

So what’s the catch? There’s no catch, really. In exchange for its investment, Unison will share in the profit or loss when you finally decide to sell your home and move out (up to 30 years later). If you decide you want to stay longer than 30 years, you can settle the agreement at the end of the term without moving out.

Here’s how it works on the Unison website: After confirming your home is pre-approved by simply entering your address, you’ll need to fill out a quick and easy form with some info and a credit check, typically completed in just a few minutes or less. If you don’t fill out the application fully you will not know if you’re approved.

Get an estimate of how much cash you could get now in just a few minutes. Find out if you qualify right here. Apply and speak to one of Unisons specialists. In most cases, you can use the money however you’d like. Home improvements, retirement funds, tuition, debt elimination, it’s up to you.

6. Earn Free Money, Start With High Interest On Your Savings

What good is your money just sitting in the bank without earning high interest? Nowadays there are plenty of options, but how do you know which one to go with?

FDIC insured Quontic high yield savings account gives you an incredible 4.50% APY. The minimum opening deposit is just $100. No monthly or overdraft fees, 24/7 access, and so much more.

Quontic was ranked a 2023 best savings account by Bankrate.

Your money is FDIC insured to the maximum legal limits and includes advanced security monitoring.

Don’t wait, sign up for a Quontic high yield savings account. Open your account in 3 minutes or less with a minimum of $100. You can make the first deposit by transferring money from an external account via ACH.

7. Get Top Life Insurance For You And Your Family

We hate to think about it, but who would make the mortgage or rent payments if something were to happen to you? One of the smartest moves you can make is to help protect your family’s financial future. Many people underestimate how much money is needed to provide for their families after they die. This is why life insurance is very important.

The reality is the longer you wait to get life insurance, the more expensive it becomes. That’s because prices go up as you age. It’s best to lock in a low rate as soon as possible before it gets too expensive. And because today is the youngest you’ll ever be, there’s no better time than today. It’s also best to get higher coverage than you think you need, because people underestimate how much cash they actually need.

Life insurance is made fast, easy, and affordable with Fabric by Gerber Life, a company that lets you apply online in 10 minutes without leaving your couch. Most applicants do not require a medical exam if you are looking for coverage under $1,500,000. If it is required, it would be at no cost to you and entails a trained professional working around your schedule to meet you conveniently at home or work. Get personalized term life insurance offers based on your family’s needs. Coverage ranges from $100,000 – $1,500,000 are eligible to be approved with no medical exam.

You’ll simply answer a few health questions as part of the online application. Fabric by Gerber Life can give parents coverage that is affordable, plus wills, access to college savings funds, and more tools to help protect your family’s financial future—all in an easy online experience. It’s the digital convenience of Fabric, now partnered with a brand trusted by millions of families like yours for more than 50 years.

Policies go higher or lower depending on factors like age, health and coverage amount, you can complete the company’s application in under 10 minutes. You’ll simply have to answer a few health questions as part of the online application.

Start your application. You could be covered in less than 10 minutes, and help ensure your family’s financial future is secure.