6 Moves People Could Make To Help With Inflation And A Recession

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(We’ve updated this article to 6 of the top moves.)

One day the economy is booming, the next it’s not. We’ve seen rapid inflation cause sky high prices, a pandemic disrupt supply chains and the labor force, as well as war in Russia cause chaos.

Keep reading about 6 things almost everyone can do to put themselves in a potential better position for whatever the economy throws at us next.

1. Diversify Your Investments with This Asset Class That Has Outperformed Stocks

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With the cost of everything rising you need to find places to invest that have the chance to appreciate faster. The stock market and real estate are places people tend to look to diversify their assets. Art is an area which, according to Artprice, has outperformed the S&P (which is a stock market index tracking the performance of 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States) by more than 250% from 2000 – 2018 — might be a good way to diversify your investments and safeguard your money in a fluctuating economy.

For years, blue-chip artwork was an area that only the super-rich could get involved in. But Masterworks has made it so that anyone can get started investing in top-tier pieces!

Here’s how it works. On the platform, you can invest in a portfolio of iconic works that have been carefully crafted by Masterworks’ team of research professionals. You can wait for Masterworks to sell the artwork at some point during the next 3-10 years, or you have the option to sell your shares to other investors on Masterworks’ secondary market.

You’ll only need to pay a small management fee, and in return, you’ll get all administrative costs covered, professional storage, insurance, regulatory filings, and annual appraisals.

To start investing, simply request an invite for membership today!

Read important disclaimer at masterworks.io/disclaimer

2. Help Protect Your Your Family By Leaving Them Up To $8,000,000

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We hate to think about it, but who would make the mortgage payments if something were to happen to you? One of the smartest moves you can make is to help protect your family’s financial future. Many people underestimate how much money is needed to provide for their families after they die. This is why life insurance is very important.

The older you are, the more expensive life insurance becomes. And because today is the youngest you’ll ever be, there’s no better time than today to get a life insurance policy.
Plus, with Ladder, you can actually lock in your rate. As you age and your health declines, you’ll get to keep paying that same low premium.

Ladder offer’s term life insurance policies starting from as little as $4.95 a month, and you can complete the company’s application in 5 minutes. Ladder is 100% digital for coverage up to $3 million which means no medical exams or filling out paperwork! You’ll simply have to answer a few health questions as part of the online application.

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3. Get Up To $500k Cash From An Investor Who Wants To Invest In Your Home (This is not a loan and has no monthly payments!)

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Your home is extremely valuable but it’s hard to access that value unless you sell. Pulling cash out of your home could do things like help you pay off debt or fund home renovations. But depending on how you do it, it could also add extra debt while increasing your monthly payments or interest.

Unlock Technologies might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Unlock can invest in your home, giving you cash today, in exchange for a percentage share in your home’s future appreciation, allowing you to cash in on your home’s equity and take advantage of the home boom without needing to move. If you qualify, Unlock will give you up to $500k of your home’s value for a percentage ownership. Unlike a loan, there’s no interest, no monthly payments, and no debt.

Get your no obligation cash offer estimate in 3 steps taking less than 60 seconds:

1. Enter your address.
2. Enter some basic property information.
3. Instantly get your no obligation cash offer estimate.

With interest rates rising. Unlock might be a great home equity loan alternative. So what’s the catch? There’s no catch, really. In exchange for its investment, Unlock will share in the profit or loss when you finally decide to sell your home and move out (up to 10 years later). If you decide you want to stay longer than 10 years, you can settle the agreement at the end of the term without moving out.

Get an estimate of how much cash you could get now in just 60 seconds. Find out if you qualify right here. Just enter your address and some basic information to get your cash offer. In most cases, you can use the money however you’d like. Home improvements, retirement funds, tuition, debt elimination, it’s up to you.

4. Turn Your Small Business Into A Big Business With Up To $5,000,000 In Funding

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The cost of doing business is getting more expensive with inflation. Funding at an affordable interest rate could make all the difference.

Fundera might be what helps your business get to the next level. Fundera will show you a list of multiple funding options for your business in 2 minutes, so you can choose what’s best for you.

After you fill out a single application form, Fundera will show you all of your potential lending options in one place. They will even provide you with one of their very own lending specialists who can help you go over your options and determine which loan is best for you.

If your company has been in business for at least 2 years, and has over $100,000 in yearly revenue, then you’ve got a good chance of getting funding.

Find out right now how much funding Fundera might get your business.

5. Your Homeowners or Renters Insurance Bill Is Probably Too High, Here’s How You Might Reduce It In Minutes

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When was the last time you checked your homeowner or renters insurance rate? Insurance companies love when you’re lazy. You could be saving money! For many people, there are cheaper rates floating around but they just don’t know where to look.

With Lemonade, homeowners insurance starts from just $25 a month, and renters from just $5 a month. Getting insured is fast and easy – just answer a few questions about your home on Lemonade’s app or website. Already insured? They’ll help you switch, even canceling your old insurance for you.

Lemonade was ranked the most loved insurance in America by Forbes and others, and has a 4.9 Star rating in the App store.

Lemonade even offers discounts when you bundle your homeowners or renters insurance with auto or pet insurance. Get a quote now.

6. If You Have Over $10,000 in Debt, Let These Pros Help You

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Debt is something a lot of people have, and it can cause cause you a lot of headaches not to mention cost you a lot of money. Don’t get caught in high debt in a inflation and recession economy.

If you have over $10,000 in debt related to credit cards, personal loans, tax debt, etc., you can get a free debt relief consultation right now from a debt relief specialist at Curadebt. Your debt counselor will go over multiple options they can find for you.

Curadebt is a top rated debt settlement, negotiation, consolidation, and tax relief company.

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