New Bathroom-Finding App Helps You Figure Out Where To Pee

Image via Shutterstock

If you’re ever in an unfamiliar city and need to go to the bathroom, worry no longer — Airpnp is here to find a bathroom for you. Much like George Costanza, Airpnp’s mission is to find you the most magnificent facilities no matter where you are; with the help of the delightfully named new app, you’ll never have to worry about a full bladder again.

Image via Airpnp

Image via Airpnp

Airpnp (which is not affiliated with Airbnb) asks users to enter their location; when they do, they’re shown all the restrooms in the local area. Some are typical public bathrooms that don’t charge a fee, while others are located in businesses or even private homes, and are only available for use if you pay to pee.

The app allows both residences and businesses to rent out their bathrooms; capitalize on that sweet, sweet bathroom income by providing a toilet to those in need. If you’d like to take advantage of Airpnp’s ability to hook up your toilet with needy customers, you can list your own bathroom and decide on the hours it will be open to the public, the fee you’ll charge and what amenities you’ll offer, according to the Huffington Post.

Just remember that by allowing strangers into your home or business, you are also allowing them to rifle through your medicine cabinet, wipe their hands on your towels and place their rear end on your toilet. Toilet-based entrepreneurship has its price!