New iPhone App BarZapp Catches Fake IDs


BarZapp, a new app launched by Intellicheck Mobilisa, is available on the iTunes store for just $1.99, and it could be an underaged student’s worst nightmare.

BarZapp simply scans the barcode on government-issued and military IDs, and verifies its information. On the screen, the person’s name, date of birth, ID expiration and ID number will be displayed. The current iTunes edition is an introductory version, with monthly liscenses for $19.99 on its website geared towards businesses.

We believe that the introduction of barZapp offers an exciting and powerful new tool to battle the problem of fake IDs,” Nelson Ludlow, President and CEO of Intellicheck Mobilisa said in a statement. “This low-cost solution can not only help to deter underage drinking, but also help protect alcoholic beverage and tobacco product providers from costly fines and potential loss of license from serving underage patrons. Several alcohol industry associations have already expressed enthusiasm for the potential of barZapp to address these problems.”

Ludlow also told US News & World Report that the app was “clean and simple,” and “way cheaper for the stores” than the conventional models that require additional hardware.

Ms. Kelly Anthony, owner and manager of the Bayview Restaurant and Bar in Port Townsend, WA, said, “The barZapp product is so fast and easy to use. Our wait staff just simply points a cell phone with the barZapp product at a customer’s ID and the software does the rest. It checks if the ID is fake, checks the customer’s age and proves we checked their ID. We love the product!”

Another reviewer, however, had a different story to tell: “When I tested the card on a friend’s particularly high-grade fake (ordered online for a whopping $200—it supposedly bested blacklights and bouncers’ scanners in the past), BarZapp did not say it was invalid, but it didn’t approve it either. The phone more or less froze, suggesting that the technology is not 100 percent fool-proof yet.”

Admittedly, BarZapp doesn’t guarantee to catch all fake IDs, but claims to catch most.

China is making a lot of high-end fake IDs that people pay 200 or 300 dollars for, and we catch a significant amount of them,” said Ludlow. “If someone fiddles with a date or something in the bar code… you better do it exactly the right way.”

Ludlow says that the company is currently “talking with other industry associations to broaden awareness of barZapp and discuss potential partnerships.”