New MySpace And Justin Timberlake Launch

New MySpace And Justin Timberlake Launch


Looks like Myspace is making a comeback. Again.

The social network that turned into a horrendous, spam filtered, and childish nightmare almost a decade ago, transitioned into a decent music social network. This move was entirely because Myspace just could not compete with Facebook.

Facebook had a better user interface, real-time newsfeed, and was a lot cleaner. It was like an upgrade from an e-machines PC to a new Macbook. Most people who used Myspace turned out to be music lovers and aspiring artists themselves. Big names, such as Drake, were actually discovered on Myspace, so this encouraged amateur artists, singers, and musicians to give it a go as well. Why not? It’s a free marketing website that allows you to host your songs and gain friends.

Everything was working out well until Myspace decided to change into a social network recently. If you visit the homepage it shows a sleek picture of Justin Timberlake, who is also making a comeback after years of taking a break from music. It seems like Myspace thinks the publicity and A-list celebrity status of Timberlake will lead to a successful launch.

Here’s my prediction: the new Myspace will still suck and no one will use it. Do you want to know why?

The new Myspace interface is too minimalistic. In this age, where information, photos, and constant newsfeeds are bombarding social media, the lack of instant activity will create a dull atmosphere. In addition, Facebook just announced today at their Menlo headquarters, that they would be adding even more features to their already dominant social network. The timing could not have come at a worse time.

In addition, there’s rumors that Myspace will focus more on visuals. Well we already Pinterest for that, so this is also not a new innovation at all. I suggest that Myspace just focus on music because no other social network is doing that and they can maintain their expertise in that niche.

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