New York Businessman Cashing In On Ebola With Supplement That Claims To Help Protect Against The Virus

Image via Ebola-C

Continuing the time-honored tradition of using fear to sell people crap that they don’t need, New York businessman Todd Spinelli has begun selling “dietary supplements” called Ebola-C that supposedly protect the body from various diseases, including Ebola.

Spinelli tells TMZ that the supplement, which comes in the form of a wafer, “prevents healthy cells from breaking down, which keeps them in the body longer than normal.” This purportedly boosts the immune system, which protects people from contracting diseases.

This miracle supplement has not been evaluated by the FDA. The Ebola-C website reveals that it contains 554 percent of your daily Vitamin C per serving, said to be sourced from Acerola cherries in a “blend of black currant fruit, orange fruit, grapefruit juice and citrus bioflavanoids — a natural vitamin C with phytonutrients.” Essentially, it’s a very strong Vitamin C tablet.

As the Ebola-C website notes in its helpful disclaimer, however, the product is not intended to “diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.”

According to TMZ, Spinelli says he’s selling 14,000 of the 60-count boxes a day. At $34.95 per box, that’s some pricey Vitamin C!