Newest Vending Item To Hit LA: Caviar

You can visit a vending machine for soda, water, juice, chips, candy and sandwiches… so why not caviar, truffles and escargot? That’s exactly what’s now offered to Los Angeles residents if they visit three area malls. Shopping centers in Westfield Century City, Westfield Topanga and Burbank Town Center are now equipped with new machines dispensing the aforementioned delicacies, as well as vegan caviar, bottarga and gourmet salts. Items are available for as little as $5, but prices range up to $500 for a one-ounce serving of Imperial River Beluga Caviar.

The vending business, Beverly Hills Caviar, is the brain child of owners Kelly Stern and Brian Scheiner, a married couple who claim they come from long line of Eastern European “caviar families.”

What I want to do is make caviar affordable for everybody,” Stern told ABC News. “What’s the point of being in business in America if you can’t sell to all of America? We decided to choose three separate malls because any normal person with kids is not living in West Hollywood. Normal people live in the suburbs. The caviar is accessible, not next to Louis Vuitton and not next t Armani or Burberry. It’s a convenient place where you’re not uncomfortable with someone looking at you checking out.”

Still, Stern recognizes not everyone will be able to drop the kind of cash needed to purchase items in her machines.

We’re going after the people who have money but not time,” she told ABC.

Stern believes the machines will make caviar accessible to a larger population that just the master chefs who often drop by the machine.

So I’m seeing all the teenagers that stop by as my future assets,” she told NBC. “They will grow up and become president of the US or the president of Microsoft, and they will thing about caviar. They will remember that they went into the mall and saw the machine and that’s where they are going to buy their caviar.

Sterns wants the franchise to branch out to “every single city in America in the world” eventually as people realize quality delicacies can really be had from a vending machine.

The caviar is preserved in perfect temperature and definitely no moisture,” she told ABC. “It’s not manhandled because you don’t want people to touch it. You don’t want a high ticket item to be handled by people. We are trying to keep it as sanitary as possible. It comes in a sanitary bag, in a sanitary box with a mother of pearl spoon so it’s ready to eat.

[Image via Beverly Hills Caviar]