No Pink Goop Here: See How McNuggets Are Made (Video)

screen shot via YouTube/McDonald's Canada

If you’re like me, then you loved the shit out of Chicken McNuggets as a kid, and are still privy to the occasional box of 20 ‘nugs when McFood is the only option around. A long-viral picture of a big box of pink bullshit has often been associated with chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. The problem is, that picture isn’t even a picture of chicken. This nice McCanadian is here to set the record straight, while showing us where McNuggets are born (Canadian McNugs, at least).

Snopes says that the viral picture is actually an example of Mechanically Separated Meat, a terrible-sounding animal byproduct that is found in many hot dogs and chicken nuggets, but not McNuggets: Snopes states that McDonald’s nuggets have been free of MSM since ’03.